Monday, August 11, 2008

Live Green 08

Live Green is on again this year on Sunday 17th August, Victoria Park, Camperdown.

From the words of Lord Clover Moore: "More than 10,000 people attended the first Live Green event in 2007 and this year’s program promises to offer more innovative and simple practical actions you can take to reduce your environmental impact and help make our Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision a reality."
Program highlights include cooking with Kylie Kwong, panel discussions on green careers and "green washing". Workshops with practical eco hints and tips, a green bar with naturally brewed beer and organic and locally grown food and produce..... and plenty more!

Approximately 50% of what Australians put in their garbage bin is organic waste. When buried anaerobically in landfill this waste produces methane gas and causes over 2% of Australia's annual greenhouse gas emissions. Our house has newly acquired a worm farm! (Thanks to City of Sydney's Waste Education Officer Kath) Now all our kitchen scraps and garden waste is turned into rich fertiliser! You can see this process in action within the Waste area at Live Green where a giant worm farm will be used to collect food, paper, cardboard and bio degradable waste from the event.

Have a look at City of Sydney's Zero Waste campaign - Visit the Zero Waste stall and do the interactive recycling quiz to pick up a free bag made of 100% Reused City of Sydney banners. See the display of Reuse product designs by the College of Fine Arts and cast your vote in the People's Choice Award for the best idea.
So get along to Live Green this sunday! It promises to be a very educational day!

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