Wednesday, September 29, 2010

young designers

Eco-Cubby is a fantastic initiative being implemented in schools across Victoria. Supported by City of Melbourne and Regional Arts Victoria, the program teams Architects and designers up with school children and communities to promote concepts of sustainable design.

I love how insightful children are and this program allows the students to develop a range of skills and address a number of topics from creating awareness of the living environment through to the use of maths and scale. To highlight what can be achieved, this is an Eco-Cubby that has actually been built! It was designed by the children at the University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre and opened last month!

Take a look at the Eco-Cubby blog to see what some other schools have been up to.

Monday, September 27, 2010

much lead

They made it! 3000 pencils! Great effort from the Much Lead team who are planning a suspended installation at the Object Gallery this October. 

Can't wait to see what becomes of this lovely collection of humble pencils...

compton cricket club

I saw a feature this morning on the Compton Cricket Club who will be touring our shores early next year and was intrigued as how it all started.

The Cricket concept began in 1995. Based in LA, the team was created to keep the youth of Compton away from gang activities, address homelessness through the values and ethics of cricket such as how to respect themselves and authority. 

A fundraiser for their tour was held recently in Sydney to assist in funding the tour. Take a look at the Cricket Outta Compton website to find out where you can catch a game and how you can get involved!