Monday, August 18, 2008

A farm in the city!

How exciting would it be for city children to see first hand where an egg comes from! Or to participate in growing produce rather than seeing it only in the supermarket! This is one of the many visions of those involved with the Sydney City Farm project at Callan Park.

Callan Park you ask? Well, it is situated at the site of the Rozelle Hospital. It is a 62 hectare picturesque park that was designed using nineteenth century therapeutic landscaping and gardens - it includes undulating waterfront parkland and views over the cove, heritage gardens and buildings and one of the few remaining beaches in the Inner West. There are numerous derelict buildings ready to be reused... and the organisation behind City Farm know exactly what they want to do with them!

City Farm is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association. This means the farm will belong to all its members in the community and any income generated is required to be reinvested in the ongoing work for the community. It will be an organic farm and environmental management showcase, modelled on city farm projects in New York, London and Melbourne.

The vision for the farm has been described as a green sanctuary to showcase an eco-friendly future in the heart of Sydney. It would be a way for metropolitan people to engage with the local and global ecological challenges together as a community. People can come together to grow organic food, learn about the latest in water-saving techniques, climate-friendly renewable technologies, and more...
Callan park before...

and after!

Visit here to read more about the future plans for Callan Park - become a member and show your support for this future sustainable centre!

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