Thursday, August 14, 2008

bill + his big issue

It always makes my day when Bill is selling The Big Issue on the corner of Foveaux St and Elizabeth St. He is one of a kind! He greets you with a big smile and is always on for a chat. So dedicated to the job is Bill, he even donned his festive gear, santa hat included to celebrate Christmas in July last month. His trolley is possibly the best in the business too! So look out for Bill - i have seen him over the years at Sydney Uni also - i am sure he pops up all over the city...

If you do happen to purchase this month's Big Issue you may very well have bought the five millionth copy! Where it is sold, who sells it and who buys it will remain unknown. That is five million magazines sold since its beginnings in 1996! The magazine has stayed true to its original idea of producing a general interest magazine that directly helps the people who sell it. So a BIG congratulations to The Big Issue and their 310 editions!

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pia said...

congrats to the big issue! i love this post, totally brought a smile to my face, remembering those quirky individuals around town who sell the mag. I don't recall seeing Bill, but I will have to keep an eye out for him now! and will certainly buy an issue from him if I see him. It is a great concept, and how amazing that it has sold 5 million copies.