Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one & other

Sculptor Antony Gormley has set up a project called One & Other on the fourth (empty) plinth in Trafalgar Square. The public can become living monuments while being broadcast online. It is running 24hours a day for 100 days from July until October.

It is strangely big brother-esque, sometimes utterly boring and other times fairly amusing. It is also a great way to get the message out. For those who love knitting we were there last Saturday with our needles and yarn knitting up a storm in aid of p/hop, an MSF initiative (mentioned here). You can see us and "plinther" Ruth in action with needles in hand by visiting this blog by fellow knitter Jane.

So if you are in the mood for a bit of people watching you can go to the website and tune in to the live feed!

a safe haven

We have recently come across these great structures - the Safe Haven library and bath house.
In January 2009 TYIN Tegnestue invited 15 norwegian students to participate in a workshop at the Safe Haven Orphanage, Thiland. The workshop was led by Associate Professor Hans Skotte and architect Sami Rintala (who has just chaired the Edge Symposium in Finland! More on him later).

The most immediate needs at the orphanage was a library and a new sanitary building. TYIN worked on a bathhouse, together with the Karen workers from Noh Bo, while the workshop participants put their efforts into the library.

What an amazing result! We love this project and just wanted to share with you what can be achieved with a small budget and local materials.