Monday, August 4, 2008

kickass models

At one stage or another during uni we were all quite obsessed with David Chipperfield. We had a lecturer who used to work for him in London, so we were shown alot of his work and told all about how great he is. We really fell for it.....
Chipperfield - Centre of World Cultures, Goteborg 1999
How could you not really, his work is amazing and is models are just beautiful. I think we spent a whole semester (or 2) trying to make models like his. Luckily we had a pretty good woodworkshop at uni.

Chipperfield - Figge Arts Centre, Davenport 2000-2004

Chipperfield - Royal Collections Museum, Madrid 1999

I'm not sure where these images are from, I think Georgia scanned them from a book a few years ago, maybe an El Croqui? Architecture books are always better than anything you find on the internet.... so as G labelled them for me a few years ago, these models really do kickass.

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