Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a CBO is born

The first meeting of the community based organisation (CBO) was held on Sunday 4th at Katolo community centre. The aim of this meeting was to decide upon the name of the CBO, to go through the process of registration and to nominate the position of chair, secretary and treasurer. We are very happy to say that we now are registered! The team is dynamic, passionate and forward thinking and most of all the members all have the girl child's best interests at heart.

The location of the first CBO meeting

The meeting begins

We welcome Oscar Okello, Caren Wambui Kiarie and Wycliff Washington (featured here) as the newly appointed administrators and look forward to working with you all in the future.

Congratulating Oscar on appointment of Chairperson
Left: Oscar Okello, Right: Joab Othacher

Caren (right) the newly appointed secretary and Washington (left) the treasurer

In total there were 22 community members, from varying backgrounds and disciplines present. The members will continue to grow now that the CBO is established.

After lengthy discussion the name of the CBO was decided as the Kano Girl Child Empowerment Group (Kano being the region that the school is located). What a brilliant name for such an important development group.

And the school now has a name and a very fitting one at that!! The decision was that it was to be a neutral name, inclusive of anyone and everyone - the CBO have tentatively given the name of Tumaini Girls High School, a kiswahili word for 'hope'.

We have been busy organising meetings with local organisations, consultants such as borehole contractors, surveyors and architects so that we will be ready to start work on site as soon as possible. With another CBO meeting planned for Wednesday this week the b+c team are so very excited and so very proud of all involved....

Washington with the certificate of registration for the CBO

A school open day is planned for Wednesday 14th. This will be an important chance to spread the word about the school, rally volunteers. The Chief is spreading the word to all in the area to come and show support, offer suggestions, more on the open day soon!

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