Tuesday, January 20, 2009

bumps in the road

The past week has thrown up a few bumps in the road for bricks + cartwheels in Kenya.... One of the main issues we have come across that is causing us more than a few problems is the acquisition of land for the school. 

The land has been put aside ready to be sold for over a year but there are numerous issues coming up now that we are in Katolo. Demands and ultimatums are being placed on bricks + cartwheels and the CBO by the land owners. So the process of buying the land has turned into a much more lengthy process than we anticipated. 

After a week of negotiations and meetings and stress, the job of finding the best piece of land has now been handed over entirely to the CBO members. So here's hoping that they can sort this out.

Below are some photos from a meeting held under the tree at Kanyangoro  Primary School discussing the land and other matters relating to the Tumaini Secondary School.

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