Wednesday, October 29, 2008

educate one woman, educate a nation...

...this is the philosophy of SSEG - South Sudan Educates Girls. We recently found out about this amazing organisation from a friend who is involved. It is so great to come across similar minded people who believe whole heartedly in the importance of educating women.

SSEG aims to provide increased educational access and opportunities for girls in Southern Sudan. To achieve this, SSEG is building a girls' highschool in the town of Aweil and aims to contribute to the rebuilding of Southern Sudan by increasing education levels in the country

This charity organisation was set up by Sudanese people living in Australia with the help of some Australian school teachers and community members. Members of the SSEG committee have been inspired by the story of Anna Dimo and her dream to enable women to be educated participants in the rebuilding of South Sudan.

Congratulations to the committee on all your hard work so far, we at bricks + cartwheels know what it takes to establish something at this scale. We look forward to following your progress.

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