Thursday, October 9, 2008

blog action day - we're in. are you?

Next Wednesday the 15th of October is this year's Blog Action Day. The topic this year is poverty. If like us you haven't come across this great concept before your in for a lovely surprise. As Pia from the blog enhance the everyday said it's a "great idea to bang our blogs together to stimulate awareness, conversation and creativity about something that is in desperate need of our attention." 

Last year the issue was the environment and this year it's poverty. This project is supported by the UN, and lots of other organisations both big and small. So if you'd like to join us on the 15th click here to register and here for more information. 

We'll be posting something from bricks + cartwheels and will be clicking around the blogosphere to check out what everyone else is writing/thinking/creating.

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