Monday, September 1, 2008

a trip to the library - john wardle

We had a bricks + cartwheels working day on Sunday. We spent half the day working on the design brief for the school, we're getting it ready to send off to Kenya for community feedback. The rest of the day we spent at the library! 

We wanted to check out the new John Wardle building at the Univeristy of Sydney, especially the new library. When we were at uni we had our very own library within the architecture faculty, and it has now moved to the new building and is integrated with the engineering library. 
We spent our last year at university watching the John Wardle building take shape, and slowly becoming a very cool building. We all really like the building and enjoyed watching it all being built. On Sunday we were a little disappointed with the some of the interiors of the building..... BUT it isn't quite finished and really it is an amazing building. 

One thing we do hope is that not too many architecture books have been put in storage, they seemed to be a bit light on the shelves. 

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