Wednesday, September 10, 2008

elephant pepper

A friend recently alerted us to the Elephant Pepper Development Trust - they seek to preserve Africa's threatened elephant population.

Their mission is to promote the livelihood of farmers living in elephant range through training, the deployment of appropriate conflict mitigation methods and development of agricultural techniques which promote elephant conservation. By promoting effective farming techniques crop security for rural communities in Africa is also improved.
How you ask? Well one of the ways is through chillis! These hot peppers are being used by farmers to protect their crops from elephants as they are known to hate chilli! Elephants cause widespread damage to crops. With only 20% of elephants in Africa formally protected this has lead to massive decreases in elephant populations in some local areas where people are forced to compete with them over food.
The organisation is currently working the the following countries.
You can also buy Elephant Pepper produce at their online hot shop!

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