Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sydney Biennale 2008

So i find it rather difficult to get my head around the extent of Sydney's Biennale. After flicking through the guides many a time i am still overwhelmed!

However a trip to the MCA is a great place to start. I am not overly sure about the controversial Novecento or hanging horse by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan ! Is it art? Well it is impressive....

Well worth a stop, look and listen at the MCA is the work of Czech photographer Miroslav Tichy. There is a brilliant documentary on his day to day life and his eccentric photography techniques. It really draws you in. What an inspiring man with an amazing knack for using cameras that you and i would have most definitely thrown out - he uses a rubber band to activate a shutter and a bottle cap to wind the film on! Genius!

At the Art Gallery of NSW all i wanted to do was to talk to Yoko Ono! I would love to know who has spoken to her? Anyone? She will ring when you least expect it....

AGNSW is brimming with extraordinary stuff - moving walls, doors, floating bits, dangerous bits, odd bits, even an anger management room if you are in need of off loading. Although some pieces take a little time to digest it is well worth a look see.

So next stop Cockatoo Island.... will keep you posted!

For venues and artist information visit here.

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