Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peru's Challenge

The Peru's Challenge Program works with volunteers to create opportunities for rural children living in the Andes of Peru in South America.

The Program was started by Jane Gavel (Australian) and Selvy Ugaz (Peruvian).

The aims of the organisation are to create basic opportunities for the children of Peru focusing on education, health and providing a happy and safe environment.
Like bricks + cartwheels before starting any project, they have lengthy discussions with all members of the community to ascertain what it is that they want and require for their children and how they can work closely together.

"It is very important the community feels that we are working as a team. Constantly through the project development, we involve the community in all decisions and plans. This way, they learn to continue the great work that we have done together and become self sustaining with the support of the relationship built with the Department of Education for years to come."

This is the type of work we love to see! Visit here to read more about this fantastic organisation and inspiring projects they are currently working on.

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