Monday, February 15, 2010

project h

I've been meaning to post something about the fabulous work of Project H here for way too long. And unfortunately this isn't related to what I originally intended to tell you about! I'll save that for another post as telling you about the refresh project is more pressing!

Project H are an amazing non profit of designers and builders based in the US. I initially found out about their work when perusing the Architecture for Humanity projects and their innovative and fun playground at the Kutamba Aids Orphans School in Uganda. More on that later.

Emily Pilloton heads Project H and is about to take a year out to run a design/build curriculum in Bertie County School District in North Carolina - one of the US's most underprivileged areas. The course will combine design thinking, vocational trade training, and community citizenship to equip low-opportunity teenagers with critical creative problem solving skills for life. Students will collaborate to design, develop, and prototype a built community project. The following summer, they will be offered paid summer jobs to actually construct the project. How cool is that? Just amazing- I want to be a student in Bertie County!

So, Emily has entered the project in the Pepsi Refresh Project for the chance to be awarded $50,000 to kick start the first semester. You can help by voting every day until the end of February. They're currently in 15th place so every vote counts to get the project back in the top 10 where they'll grab the $50K!

You need to register to vote and then all you need is to click each day until the end of Feb - get voting everyone, this would be an amazing project to see come to fruition.

More on Project H and the Kutamba Aids Orphans School and Emily's new book very soon!