Thursday, October 15, 2009

blog action day + cc

Blog Action Day is upon us again and this year the focus is on Climate Change (poverty was the central theme for 2008 - see our entry here). Spurred on by Practical Action bloggers, b+c have once again signed up to join an 8000+ blogging community to support this day of action. The aim is to unite the worlds bloggers and to raise awareness of key issues - and what a timely theme this is! With Copenhagen looming it is so very important to generate discussion around issues of climate change, adaptation and most of all how the worlds poorest nations who currently don't have a voice are being affected. 

There are other ways you can take action such as 350 (October 24),  The Wave (Dec 5, London)...  but if you want to make a start TODAY g0 a blogging and register here

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