Saturday, September 12, 2009

Small Is...

This little gem of a festival ran for the first time this year due to the joint efforts of Engineers Without Borders UK and Practical Action. It was a fantastically jam packed weekend of learning, sharing, practical workshops, inspiring debates and not to mention lots of fun!

The "Small Is..." Festival was a celebration of the ideas of EF Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful (1973). The main debates centered around his views on economics, appropriate technology, politics and personal philosophy.  The Edge of the Forest was one of the most popular films shown over the weekend in the solar cinema - inspiring stuff.  

Over 250 people camped out in the beautiful grounds of Practical Action to take part in activities ranging from diy rocket stoves, knocking up a hexayurt, community mapping, appropriate toilet construction, to discussions on global/local food, transition towns, climate change adaptation and markets and livelihoods. Entertainment was also in abundance with music from Zambian group Kamoto Community Arts followed by a partner swinging ceildh (for all you aussie's out there this is the equivalent to our bush dance) and some cracking local talent - this weekend had it all. 

To read more about who was there and to see some great snaps from the weekend visit here. See you all there next year...! 

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Kirstin said...

Sounds great harry!
Wish I could have come... excellent work organising.
You really are the organising queen.