Thursday, March 5, 2009

important news from b+c

The bricks + cartwheels directors are fresh off the plane and we have some important news for our supporters. Following our recent time spent in Kenya, bricks + cartwheels is reluctantly withdrawing from the previously proposed Secondary School for Girls project in Katolo, Kenya.

Whilst in Kenya bricks + cartwheels were faced with a series of challenges and difficulties, some of which we were able to resolve and some of which were largely out of our control. We are particularly regretful of this decision because of the great friendships we made with so many people in Kenya and the ongoing need for education of children in the community. During our time in Kenya we made every endeavor to rescue the project and this decision was not made lightly.

There were many issues that presented challenges... please read here for the complete letter. 

We appreciate your support and will make sure to keep you in touch with our future plans. Thank you! 

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