Wednesday, November 26, 2008

introducing... The Katolo Project

It was very exciting news when Kimberley and her film company Ariella Pictures decided to jump on board the bricks + cartwheels wagon! After embarking on documentary projects in Australia, Israel, Holland and Germany, Kimberley has found her next project. Fostering a deep passion for human rights and education, Kimberley's inspiring vision to capture The Katolo project; its journey for both the bricks + cartwheels team, and the community of Katolo, has taken off.

With a degree in Film Production and 8 years experience in the media behind her, Kimberley is excited to be combining her passion with a project that is sure to change the lives of a community forever.

Kimberley will be heading over with us in January to start the filming from the very beginning. We are excited at the prospect of this and cant wait to see the first footage!

As you can imagine this lengthy filming process needs funding to get it off the ground. Anyone who is wanting to support The Katolo Project can do by purchasing a pack of christmas cards.

These cards are just what is needed to brighten up your christmas this year! Not only is each one hand made, each one is a beautiful piece of photographic art as well. A pack of 5 = $30. Some of the stunning images taken in Kenya are featured on the cards below.

To purchase your cards email

All money raised will go towards the realisation of the documentary The Katolo Project, a project which i am sure will be a beautiful tale of the Katolo community, the construction of the secondary school for girls and most importantly the role of education in rural areas.

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