Monday, October 8, 2007

mud bricks in mudgee

The bricks + cartwheels team recently spent a whole weekend in Mudgee learning the art of mud brick making. bricks + cartwheels has recently been exploring the potential of using stabilised soil block as a construction technique for the Secondary School for Girls, Kenya.

The weekend at Mudgee was the perfect opportunity to test the construction methods of building mud bricks from scratch. Gerry, from Rosby Vineyard, was an amazing teacher and bricks + cartwheels learned the ins and outs of building mud bricks. bricks + cartwheels did it all, from digging out the sludge from the dam to mixing and packing the mud hard into the moulds with our hands!

It was great to learn exactly what materials, equipment, time and labour is needed to build the mud bricks. The weekend ended up being very successful for everyone involved. We had a great time making and learning all about mud bricks and most importantly Gerry and Kay from the Rosby Vineyard ended up with 102 mud bricks to build their new studio!

Check out the Rosby website here. They make a damn fine red!

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